Exploring English by Means of Contrast

Exploring English by Means of Contrast

Urednik: Ivo Fabijanić, Andrej Stopar
The present monograph contains a collection of contrastive, cross- linguistic studies of South Slavic languages and English. The contributions reflect many developments in linguistic research. One of the aims of the volume is to continue the long tradition of contrastive studies by addressing the relation­ship between English and South Slavic languages, while also considering the plethora of theories, approaches and methodologies available to linguists in the present moment. This task has been enthusiastically pursued by the twelve authors of the eight chapters in this monograph that explore English in contrast to Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, North Macedonian, Serbian, and Slovene.

Leto izida: 2024

Št. strani: 222

Tip vezave: Mehka vezava

ISBN: 9789612972684

Redna cena: 21,90 EUR
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