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Department of Geography

Prof. Dr. Irma Potočnik Slavič

Irma Potočnik Slavič

Irma Potočnik Slavič holds PhD in Geography and is a Professor for Human and Regional Geography at the Department of Geography (Faculty of Arts, Universtiy of Ljubljana, Slovenia). Her pedagogical and research focus are rural areas, their neo-endogenous and sustainable development, including the delivery of LEADER/CLLD. She was a visting lecturer at several EU universities: University of Saarbruecken (Germany, 2010), University of Liege (Belgium, 2011), University of Olomouc (Czech Republic, 2013), University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014), University of Tartu (Estonia, 2015), University of Applied Sciences South Westphalia (Soest, Germany, 2018). She has several organizatorial references: as co-organizer of international conferences (Ljubljana, 2020; Zadar, 2014; Maribor, 2009; Medana, 2012; Ljubljana, 2001); organizer of scientific sessions at the international conferences (Wageningen, 2012; AAG in New York, 2012); head of the department (2018-2020), etc.  She was awarded with DAAD Research Grant (Bayreuth-Germany, 2002), Canadian Embassy Grant - Faculty Enrichment Programme (Toronto-Canada, 2006), Prešeren´s Faculty Award for student´s diploma work (Ljubljana, 1995); prize for the PhD thesis at the Committee of the Region's Theses Competition 2009 on "Local and Regional Authorities in the European Union" (2009); Award for Excellent Pedagogical Work provided by Student´s Council at the Faculty of Arts (2010), awards of the Association of Slovene Geographers (2005, 2009); award Maks Fabiani 2019 (granted by Town and Spatial Planning Association of Slovenia as a group award for the "Setting-up of the national register on functionaly relict ares in Slovenia 2017").  She got an award "Slovenian Congress Ambassador" in 2021 (granted by the Slovenian Tourist Organization and Tourism of Ljubljana) and an Award for pedagogical and research work (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2021). She has editorial experiences (DELA- scientific magazine: as asssistant editor, chief editor, editorial board member since 2018-), has been a member of the government´s advisory commissions, and member of Slovenian Rural Network (2018-), a member of Scientific Council for Humanities at the Slovenian Research Development Agency (2021-), a member of ISCAR/International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps (2022-).

Recent references:

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POTOČNIK SLAVIČ, Irma. The contribution of leader to the empowerment of rural areas : the case of the Brkini Region, Slovenia. European Countryside. 2022, vol. 14, no. 1, 1-26., DOI: 10.2478/euco-2022-0001.

GUŠTIN, Špela, POTOČNIK SLAVIČ, Irma. Conflicts as catalysts for change in rural areas. Journal of Rural Studies. [Print ed.]. 2020, vol. 78,  211-222., DOI: 10.1016/j.jrurstud.2020.06.024.

POTOČNIK SLAVIČ, Irma. Agriculture: the geography of a mosaic. In: ROGELJ, Boštjan (ed.), ROGELJ, Boštjan, SEIFERT BARBA, Ana. Geography of Slovenia. Ljubljana: Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, 2020, 167-179 [COBISS.SI-ID 71676258].

GORNIK, Barbara, POTOČNIK SLAVIČ, Irma. (Non-) engagement of Slovenian herbal enterprises in the Balkan herb market : herbs as a template for locally oriented business models in rural areas. Geographical review. 2019, no. 41, 9-33.

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POTOČNIK SLAVIČ, Irma. Farm tourism in Slovenia: mosaic structure and future prospects. Journal of rural and community development, 2014, vol. 9, no. 3, 280-294.


Recent projects:

REBOUND: Fostering Resilience in Rural Communities, Erasmus + KA Project (2022-2024).

FLIARA: Female-Led Innovation in Agriculture and Rural Areas, Horizon 2020 (2023-2026).


Completed projects:

SocialB: Social Business Educational EcoSystem for Sustainability and Growth, Erasmus+ KA2 Project  (2020-2022).

CELSA: Analysis of the supportive environment of new entrants in farming, Bilateral project: University of Ljubljana and KU Leuven (2020-2022).

Conflicts in rural areas as stimulators of solutions searching and development, National target research project, lead partner (2020-2022).

Vingatur: Prospects for further development of wine and gastronomy tourism on farms, National target research project (2020-2022).

NEWBIE (New Entrant netWork: Business models for Innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience in European agriculture), Horizon 2020 – CSA Project (2018-2021).

TELI2: Transnational Education in Leader Implementation, Erasmus+ project (2016-2018).

Potencials and Barriers for the Development of Supplementary Activities on the Farms (Potenicali in ovire za razvoj dopolnilnih dejavnosti na kmetijah), financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and Slovenian Research Agency (2016-2018).

Sustainable Regional Development of Slovenia (Trajnostni regionalni razvoj Slovenije), financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (2017-2020).

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